Toni Braxton-Inside Out pt1

Toni Braxton Video Ranking: 4 / 5

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  1. miamivicepastels83 .

    3:34 her hair real cute there

  2. Yet tamar looks the same have a seat

  3. soymiguelalejandro23

    exactly and tamar looked like toni at certain points in toni’s life. I too
    think that tamar should be much more respectful of toni. i think that oprah
    should apologize to how she dogged the shit out of her in that notorious
    1998 interview. i did a view about that recently.

  4. Every where Toni went seems like she took Tamar. You would think she’d
    (Tamar)show a tad bit more respect. IDK that’s just me. Its funny cause it
    seems as though Towanda is the one who idolized Toni.

  5. wow..what a difference in tamar. whole different face and attitude back
    then. what the heck happened? complete 180 on the Braxton Family Values

  6. GorgousandBeautiful

    Trina and Toni do look a lot a like:-):-)


  8. the ONLY thing she’s had plastic surgery on is her nose and some breast
    augmentation. The rest of it is natural. She looked good then and she looks
    even better now with age.

  9. They have the cutest kids :) )

  10. ok this is wierd that same music 3:50 that plays is the same music that
    plays in the last days of left eye right after she died….remember that?

  11. I love her sooo much!

  12. Trina looks just like toni back then

  13. this is very personal

  14. Thanks so much for these Toni Inside Out videos, I have subscribed. Thank

  15. Toni, I have been a fan of your for years. You are an amazing woman. Your
    songs so touched me. BFV is when I got to see you up close. Toni, people
    love you and your songs hace substance. This is why people love you

  16. thz so so muchhh I love u badly toni :(

  17. @SyrenniaLestrange least he has a job and didnt kill himself like
    some unemployed actors who act like they’re too good to go and get a normal

  18. wow!!! she does not look 7 months pregnant…she carries her pregnancy very

  19. Yes u are very right!!

  20. I remember this when it came on tv been looking 4 this thanx

  21. @luvtoni29 thanks please subscribe to my channel

  22. Love the videos

  23. Toni is SOOOOOOOOOO pretty . Husband and kids . Perfect Package

  24. Awww Tamar… miss her music

  25. its a shame this award winning beauty has had to put up with so much bull
    throughout her career….she needs good management focused on the right
    things….Toni and the ever changing industry